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About Us
Welcome. We are TOF Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, we have specialized ourselves in exporting and importing business based on the confidence between we and our partners.

We have been making stable and continuous increase in sales, achieving over US$12Million sales since 2007. All of our employees have many years of experience in food industry with food related majors. Our goal is to serve our clients with high technology and the know-how in food industry.

We, TOF Co., Ltd., are collaborating with dozens of global partners in USA, Japan, China, Europe, South East Asia, Central and South America, with long term vision and confidence.

We import various kinds of raw materials for food, food additives, and health functional food, while NAG (N-acethyl-glucosamine), and processed grains, and seasonings are our main exporting products.

The food, food additives that we import are manufactured and supplied on a long term contracts by internationally renowned companies.

Our main products are non-GMO and organic food and processed grain, vitamin, amino acid, sugar, natural sweetener, gum, fruit and vegetable concentrate and extract, health functional food and herb extracts. Meanwhile, we mainly export processed grains and food additives, flavor enhancements, and seasonings. One of our major products known as Bio Chitin, NAG(N-acethyl-glucosamine), that we produce in our own plant with patented technologies, is a very popular product in Japan as a skin beautifier.

Many companies claim they are the best. In addition, we are humble enough to listen to and embrace your requests and provide high quality products at reasonable prices. With sincerity and the best quality products we hope to collaborate and build concrete relationship with you.

#503, 24, Dunchon-daero 388beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi, South Korea, 13403
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